Lindsey Graham on amnesty: "This is no longer about immigration"

This from the same “statesman” who squealed at the start of this miserable betrayal, “This is what my ninth grade teacher told me government is all about and I finally got to experience it.” Twelve million people legalized, border crossings reduced by a paltry 25%, and this tool’s acting like he just won Model UN.

And now, at last, rock bottom:

TODAY CO-HOST MEREDITH VIEIRA: When you went home recently you were at a GOP meeting and you got booed over immigration. There are a lot of people in a lot of states — conservatives — who think this bill is bad and they see this as a litmus test.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM [R-S.C.]: Well here’s what I believe. This is a bill that’s a million per cent better than the current system. I mentioned working with Ted Kennedy and I got booed. The lady in your piece earlier said no compromise. I’m a Republican conservative who believes my country is at risk by not solving immigration. I’m a member of the United States Senate who believes it’s my job to work with Democrats to do hard things. This is no longer about immigration. Can your Congress, can your Senate, come together to do things that one party can’t do itself? I think the answer is yes.

We’ve heard the flip side of this logic before, from amnesty-shilling reporters trying to paint the failure of cloture last week as some sort of omnibus indictment of America’s political culture. Pass this bill, my friends, if only to prove that our democracy still works. That’s the subtext of Graham’s comment here. It speaks volumes about the merits of the substance of the bill that he’s now trying it to sell it on procedural grounds.

No results, no compromise. Simple as that. Exit question: With this, does Graham finally supplant McCain as the loathsome face of conservative amnesty? When he was elected he was but the learner; now he is the master.

Update: Meanwhile, Jeff Jacoby swigs the Kool-Aid and whitewashes the Berlin Wall.

Update: Even the 25% reduction is wildly optimistic, says Jeff Sessions:

[Y]ou think there will still be illegal immigrants coming across the border?

Oh, absolutely … They predicted that we’d have a 25-percent reduction in illegality at the border. But we would have a substantial increase in visa over-stays, because we have a lot more people coming to the country on temporary visas.

He figures the actual number is closer to 13%.

Update: I heard about this last night but a storm knocked out my cable so we didn’t get it. I’m glad RCP did. Here are your Fox News all-stars, warmly professing their new admiration for the most loathsome amnesty face of all. Click the image to watch.