Fred's blog debuts

The content is pedestrian thus far but the blogroll is impeccable. Except for the glaring omission of, of course. Bookmark this one; if his campaign is half as Net-centric as it intends to be, it should be lively. And if it isn’t, it’ll probably still lead the pack among conservatives. Take a gander at the pathetic YouTube efforts on our side. Except for McCain, there’s not a jot of wit or flair among them.

Don’t worry, Henke will whip ’em into shape. Exit question one: Exactly how much blog love do we have to give Fred before he (or Jeri) agrees to do Vent? Exit question two: Could Fred lock up the nomination right now by turning up at the Capitol, slapping Lindsey Graham’s cheeks with a white glove, and challenging him to pistols at dawn?

Update: Wiiiide open. As vast as the blue Tennessee sky.