LAT poll: McCain now fourth, three points behind "Don't Know"; Correction: Poll results are from April

Same question here as last week when Fred overtook him in California: is it an amnesty backlash biting him or is it just his general weakness? If the latter, then how is anti-amnesty warrior Mitt Romney now fifth? Granted, he’s got name recognition problems, but surely McCain’s association with the Frankenstein bill plus Mitt’s own performance at the debate should be good enough to reverse their order.



Fred, you’ll note, leads among religious conservatives, but Rudy scores highest elsewhere for electability, qualifications(!), ethics, and compassion. Even Hillary, who leads among the Democrats, couldn’t pull off that clean sweep: she’s just behind Obama in the ethics category overall, but, interestingly, leads among black voters. In fact, she leads Obama among black voters across the board. It’s amazing how much goodwill Slick Willie earned for her.

Also interesting: All Dems beat McCain and Romney head to head, but Rudy beats Hillary and Edwards. Obama beats everyone — except Hillary, of course.

Exit question: How badly am I going to torture KP with the Glacier’s latest “common touch” absurdity?


Update: I was wondering why Taegan Goddard was the only one who seemed to have the PDF of the new LAT poll results. Mystery solved: he has the wrong data. An e-mailer points out that the PDF I linked to here is from April 11. The new poll data hasn’t been released yet. My apologies for the error.

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