Aussie rape mufti hits the bricks; Update: Pushed?

After apologizing for rapists, then apologizing for apologizing for rapists and reaffirming his love for Australia, then appearing on Egyptian television to un-affirm his love for Australia, then turning up in Iran to urge the world’s Muslims to “stand in the trenches” with the mullahs, he’d worn out his welcome. As far as you and I are concerned, that is; Australia’s Muslims couldn’t get enough:

A Muslim cleric who whipped up a storm last year when he told his Sydney flock that women who don’t wear the veil invite rape has resigned from his post as the supreme leader of Australia’s 300 000 Muslims.

Clerics from around the country meeting in Melbourne decided Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, 67, should keep the post of Mufti of Australia that he has held since 1988.

But the Eyptian-born cleric declined their offer of a further term.

He’s also a Holocaust denier and a supporter of suicide bombings. And still, they wanted him back.

I’ll remember him as he was — an object of contempt and ridicule.

Update: The Age is reporting that he was voted out, five to two, and that the alleged request that he stay on was just a face-saving gesture. For him, maybe; for the clerics themselves, given his track record, it’s a face-losing gesture.