Heart-ache: Paris "teetering on the brink"; Update: Raw deal for Paris? Update: "Deteriorating, life-threatening"

Are constant medical attention and round-the-clock police protection enough to preserve this delicate flower? Or will the thought of being away from the media for 20+ days cause her to wilt? All men have their breaking point, my friends. An anxious world waits and wonders.


Update: So much heart-ache. So very, very much.

Update: Justice for Paris!

Q: Are other inmates usually released before they’ve served their full terms?

A: Yes. County jails are overcrowded, [Sheriff] Baca said, and most misdemeanor offenders serve just 10 percent of their sentence. “Under our 10 percent early release program, (Hilton) would have not served any time in our jail or would have been directly put on home electric monitoring system,” he said Friday.

Q: Are other prisoners released because of medical conditions?

A: Yes. “It happens all the time,” [Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve] Whitmore said, depending on the nature of the offense. Nonviolent offenders typically serve 10 percent of their sentence, he said, adding that Hilton “has done twice as much (time) as any other person with a similar offense.”

They expect she’ll be out in 18 days, if not sooner.

Update: Oh, for god’s sake.

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