Breaking: Paris going back to jail; Update: Shep Smith snark video added! Update: More Shep snark!

According to Shep Smith, she was dragged screaming from the courtroom. Schadenfreudemania!


Update: CNN’s viewers are unloading on them for the wall-to-wall coverage of this crap. The anchors sonorously agree, then go back to covering it.

Update: Hilarious. It’s cool to so much righteous indignation about all this, from the famous and non-famous alike.

Update: One mo’ time!

Update: Shep’s not real thrilled about having to cover it either.

Update: MSNBC is promising “special coverage” of Parismania tonight at 9. Will Joe “Real Journalist” Scarborough be anchoring? That’s his time slot.

Update: Shep melts down. “This is over the freaking top!”