Video: Hitchens destroys sniveling anti-war journalist Chris Hedges

I was going to save this for tomorrow morning but it simply can’t wait. You may remember Hedges from Rockford College’s 2003 commencement ceremony, where he launched into a critique of the Iraq war so obnoxious that he was booed off the stage. His latest book, just published, is a polemic against the Christian right entitled, I kid you not, “American Fascists.” He is, in short, the cartoonish epitome of the modern leftist journalist, and as such he’s perfectly willing to defend the merits of religion from Christopher Hitchens. And by “religion,” I think you know which particular religion I have in mind.

Having thus set the stage, I turn you over to Zombie, who shot this clip and has a transcript — plus other photos and videos — at his site. Just one little taste and then you’re on your own:

A perfect picture [gesturing towards Chris Hedges] has been given to you of the cretinous relationship between sloppy moral relativism, half-baked religious absolutism, and the journalism that lies in between.

What precedes that is almost lyrical. Don’t miss it.