Heart-ache: RAF bans pin-ups on nosecones for fear of offending Muslims

And for fear of offending women crew members too, of course, which I can understand. But if western airmen can tolerate the offensive spectacle of Afghan women having to suffer under burqas — and it is both offensive and a spectacle, make no mistake — then why couldn’t the local boys be expected to muster a little reciprocal “sensitivity,” hm? Tolerance is, after all, a two-way street.

Eh, it’s not worth fighting about.

Royal Air Force chiefs have risked a bust-up with pilots by forcing them to black out pictures of glamorous pin-ups painted on their jets.

Since the 1940s British airmen have posted pictures across their aircraft as risque as their crews’ missions were risky…

But politically correct bosses fear offending female crew and Muslim locals and have now banned the practice…

RAF Strike Command worried that too much flesh on display could put off female recruits who may view the images as sexist.

In a country where many women wear full burkhas, there was also the concern that pictures offending local culture could spark a diplomatic incident.

Exit question: Is this more or less likely than the Marine tattoo ban to cause grumbling among curmudgeonly retired vets?

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