Good news: Scarborough only meant to call Fred's wife a stripper

Or something:

MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines says that pretty much explains what happened. “A female triathlete had been discussing her exercise routine with Joe,” he said, and that routine includes a stripper’s pole. “That is the context in which the issue was discussed. To suggest otherwise is irresponsible.” When asked whether Jeri Kehn Thompson is owed an apology, Gaines declined to comment further.

So he meant to imply that she … exercises a lot? Here’s an experiment for you, fellas. Approach some woman you know at work today and say, “Hey, you look great. Do you work the pole?” If she takes it as a compliment, Scarborough’s off the hook.

Meanwhile, Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan, who devoted her last piece to the chestiness of aspiring Republican first ladies, comes back today with a little equal time.

Update: More sensitivity from the NBC crew. Although this one’s so stupid and schoolyard that it’s hard not to laugh.