Fred! gains big among black, Hispanic Republicans in California

While McCain loses five points among both groups. Kaus says it’s the amnesty, stupid. Is it?



Fred’s made some appropriately cutting remarks about the shamnesty but it’s Romney who’s positioned himself as McCain’s chief critic on the bill. Hence St. John’s jabs at him in his speech yesterday. What thanks has Mitt earned for his anti-amnesty line? A flatline in the poll of Hispanics and a complete cratering among blacks, where Fred looks to have gobbled up his supporters. Newt’s also been a vocal critic of the bill, having ripped it once on the Factor when Michelle was guest-hosting and then again this past weekend on Fox News Sunday. He has surged a bit among Hispanics, but the gain among blacks is a single point. I’ve got to believe what’s driving the Fredmania here is what’s driving it among bloggers too: authentically conservative positions across the board in a “strong,” folksy, familiar package. The amnesty stuff helps a little but all the buzz about him finally jumping in helps a lot more. Tell me why I’m wrong.

Update: We had this in headlines earlier but if you missed it, Fred is number two with a bullet at Rasmussen and already leads Giuliani among men, 21-20. McCain is down a point — but so is Mitt.

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022