Audio: KP unloads on Edwards for his sick-making nutroots pandering

Hot, although it would have been hotter if she wasn’t so far in the tank for Hillary. Compare the Glacier’s response to Edwards in the first debate video here to Obama’s response. Obama swings back by calling him on the very point KP herself makes — namely, where does Edwards, who voted to authorize military force in 2002, get off criticizing any Democrat for not being anti-war enough now? Hillary, meanwhile, can only weakly offer that this is “George Bush’s war.” As opposed to America’s, I guess.

She used to work for the Clintons so I suppose we can give her a pass. Besides, how many Democrats do you know who take umbrage at leftist whining about Abu Ghraib? Exit question one: If the nutroots are as insignificant as KP says they are, how is it they were able to force an exodus of all the major Dems from the Fox-sponsored primary debate? Exit question two: When exactly did she develop that lisp?

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