Brits fight the enemy within: Redheads

I myself am personally acquainted with four “gingers,” all of them women, two of them related by blood, none of them in fact gay. (Errrr…)

Still, it’s good to see someone taking the red menace seriously.


A family are being forced out of their home by a gang of thugs because of their red hair.

Kevin and Barbara Chapman say they and their four young children have already moved twice to avoid the taunts but at each address have been subjected to attacks.

Their windows have been smashed, the walls daubed with graffiti and their children physically assaulted in the street by other youths…

The children have changed schools three times in the last two years. “Every time we make new friends we end up getting bullied whenever we leave the house,” said Ryelle.

Mrs Chapman, 44, said: “Wherever they go they get called “ginger nut, ginger bastard, ginger c***”, it’s disgusting.”

Exit question one: To what extent can this be blamed on bad PR? Exit question two: Will America be spared this vicious prejudice? Or is it already too late?

Update: Maybe it’s jealousy.

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