Open thread: Headlines 6/1

Same deal as yesterday. If you see something in the headlines section that you’re burning to comment on, here’s the place to do it. For your early morning reading: Peggy Noonan’s last rites for the Bush presidency and Tony Blair’s valediction at the Economist. A taste:

It is said that by removing Saddam or the Taliban—regimes that were authoritarian but also kept a form of order—the plight of Iraqis and Afghans has worsened and terrorism has been allowed to grow. This is a seductive but dangerous argument. Work out what it really means. It means that because these reactionary and evil forces will fight hard, through terrorism, to prevent those countries and their people getting on their feet after the dictatorships are removed, we should leave the people under the dictatorship. It means our will to fight for what we believe in is measured by our enemy’s will to fight us, but in inverse proportion. That is not a basis on which you ever win anything.

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