10,000 mass near Pakistani border for Taliban pep rally

I … can’t help feeling this is a missed opportunity somehow.

Is it really a “peaceful” protest if they’re all pledging to wage jihad?

Slogans of “long live (Taliban supremo) Mullah Omar, (Al-Qaeda chief) Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban movement,” rang out at the charged gathering in Killi Nalai, a village in Baluchistan province, an AFP photographer said.

The fiery voice recording was said to be of Mullah Mansoor Dadullah, who has replaced his brother as military commander after he was killed about three weeks ago by NATO-led forces in southern Afghanistan…

A man who said he was a Taliban commander named Abdur Rahman spoke to the crowd in person, saying that he had been fighting in Afghanistan.

He hit out at civilian casualties in Afghanistan, saying that foreign troops in Afghanistan “always bomb instead of fighting face-to-face and so most of the casualties are innocent people, including children and women.”

When he asked the crowd if they were ready for jihad, they chanted: “Yes, we will follow.”

Exit question: What’s the excuse this time? Or should that question be directed to Musharraf?

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