Video: Dynamic architecture

Rejoice at the slow news day, my friends, for it lets me bring you oddball crap like this. It’s the latest architectural innovation on tap for Dubai, whose Burj al-Arab hotel came in third place in the online poll of new wonders of the world. The buildings are wind-powered so they’re dirt cheap to run and the floors are all prefab so they’re dirt cheap to construct. Soon enough they’ll be mentioned in a Goracle speech, where he’ll note with a mix of sadness and alarm that our commitment to conservation trails that of the Middle East.

(Incidentally, if you’ve never visited Burj al-Arab’s website, take some time.)

Exit question:

Each individual floor is able to rotate slowly, based on commands issued by the owners of condos or apartments on that floor.

Assuming there’s more than one apartment on each floor, who gets to decide?

Click the image to watch.

Update: See-Dub comments, “It looks like a giant burqa!”


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