Video: Anti-war tools use three-year-olds as protest props

Every good protest needs some absolute moral authority window dressing. If you can’t find an anti-war vet, a toddler will do in a pinch. We’ve seen them pull this in the context of stem cells and immigration, and now here’s the latest example vis-a-vis their pet issue. Even the left-wing New York Press is under no illusions about the cynicism involved:

A protest against the war in Iraq, the May 30 gathering drew a small group of moms, dads and toddlers from a classroom at Amalgamated Nursery School to the district office doorstep of Congressman Eliot Engel (D-Bronx/Westchester/Rockland) The handmade tree, crafted by 17 children during pre-school class time, was a statement against American troops remaining in Iraq and a call to pursue peaceful paths to end all world conflicts. This gift, however, seemed more like a Trojan horse, designed to gain an invitation inside so that the children’s far-left leaning parents could rail against the war and the congressman’s initial vote in support of it.

Follow the link for two vids and some timeless wisdom about dialogue being the solution to all conflicts, no matter how intractable and unreasonable your opponents’ demands. Exit question: Kucinich supporters, do you think, or Ron Paul? Click the image to watch.


Update: How did I forget?

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