Open thread: Headlines 5/31

Just an update on the new headlines feature, about which we’re getting three types of questions.

1. “Where can I find older headlines?” Alas, nowhere right now. Once an item cycles through, it’s gone into the ether. We’re planning to set up a separate page, though, that’ll list the older items after they’ve slipped off the front page. Hopefully that’ll be ready in a week or two.

2. “Can I comment on the headline items somehow?” We’re going to set up a comment feature for each as well, but that’s probably a longer term project. In the meantime, this post will serve as a replacement. If you see something up there you want to discuss, fire away right here.

3. “WHERE’S VENT? I CAN’T FIND VENT.” We got a boatload of e-mails in this vein on Tuesday notwithstanding the fact that the “Jihad Watch” clip was at the top of Top Picks for most of the day. Incredibly, we just received another one a few minutes ago despite the use of a screaming red font and the words “New Vent” to alert readers to the arrival of a new clip.

Here’s what you’re looking for:


I’ve hotlinked this image directly to the Vent post itself for that 1% of our readers who simply can’t puzzle out where it might be on the front page. Click and enjoy!

Update: Here’s the post from Monday night announcing the launch of headlines, for those who might have missed it. It explains where Vent is/will be going forward.

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