Video: Thunderous boos for Miss USA at Miss Universe pageant -- in Mexico City; Update: Early-round booing video added

And is that a chant of “Mexico” I hear while the question’s being asked? Ah, well, don’t worry — that sort of thing will be magically assimilated away once they cross the border, join the next gran marcha, and have the Mexican flag they’re carrying replaced with a small American one by an “immigration rights” advocate who knows what plays well on TV and what doesn’t.

Let it be noted, too, that apparently this sort of thing’s been going on for days:

In the days leading up to the final selection, Miss USA Rachel Smith endured boos from the public because of her country’s attitude toward Mexicans living there.

She put on a brave face, as you’ll see here, but it may have gotten to her — she slipped and fell during the evening gown competition.

I can’t possibly imagine what “her country’s attitude toward Mexicans” might mean, unless the crowd was peeved that we’re so welcoming to illegals that we’re bleeding Mexico dry population-wise. Or is it that knotty $5,000 fine we’re (momentarily) insisting that they pay before they become full-fledged U.S. citizens notwithstanding their lawbreaking in entering the country and their burdening public services?

Classy folks. As you’re about to see, they’ll fit in well with the Democratic base.

Update: After the fall.

Update: Two more videos for you — first the fall, and the second (via the boss) of another warm Mexican greeting for Miss USA displaying her “native” costume. Which, let us properly acknowledge, was awesome. It comes at around halfway through the clip.

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