Fauxtography? Or serendipitously awesome camera work?

Rusty thinks he’s on to something but there’s nothing suspicious about the circumstances: a pair of photographers taking up a position outside a town in anticipation of a bombing run and snapping away during and after. Standard war photography … except for the bomb shot itself, which is almost too good to be true. It looks like one of those fake UFO photos, so perfectly still and distinct are the features.

I think it’s probably an authentic, if exceptionally lucky, shot. If he’s expecting a falling bomb, it stands to reason he’s going to have the shutter speed way up. I don’t see any significance in the “pixelation” around the bomb either; there’s some by the head of the guy on the right, too, and he’s clearly a legitimate part of the photo. It’s an artifact, nothing more. Tentative verdict, then: luck. Although I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of what the private eyes in noir films always say at the scene of a “accident” involving a large insurance payout: “No one gets that lucky.”

Exit question: Am I right or wrong? Make yourself heard, p-shop experts.

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