Some Aussie Muslim leaders bristle at Hirsi Ali's visit

It’s not an official Hirsi Ali visit without some veiled threats!

University of Technology Sydney Islamic law lecturer Jamila Hussain said Hirsi Ali’s ideas were extreme and stigmatised Muslims.

“I think she’d be better staying where she came from,” Ms Hussain said. “I’ve read enough of her thoughts. It’s a narrow and radical opinion, and I don’t agree with it. She’s obviously had some dreadful experiences, but they’re not typical.”…

Nada Roude, of the NSW Islamic Council, said Hirsi Ali’s comments on the prophet Mohammed were a “no-go zone”.

“They (prophets) are not just like you and me, they have special status – you’re supposed to show respect,” Ms Roude said.

“There have to be boundaries in how far you go in respecting other’s beliefs. The reaction from the community is likely to be quite worrying.

Hirsi Ali has written that under Dutch law, Mohammed’s marriage to six-year-old A’ishah (whose age is disputed by Muslim scholars) and his subsequent consummation of the marriage when she was nine would make him a pedophile.


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