Crisis averted: Saudis arrest Christian on the loose in Mecca

Thank goodness they nabbed him before he could infect anyone with any Golden Rule cooties. How seriously do they take this stuff? This seriously:

Nirosh Kamanda, a Sri Lankan Christian, was detained by the Saudi Expatriates Monitoring Committee last week after he started to sell goods outside Mecca’s Great Mosque.

After running his fingerprints through a new security system, Saudi police discovered that he was a Christian who had arrived in the country six months earlier to take a job as a truck driver in the city of Dammam. Kamanda had subsequently left his place of work and moved to Mecca.

And of course, this seriously:


You can almost hear leftists thinking while they read this story, “Which other segregationist religious practices can I cite to get the Saudis off the hook here?”

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