Video: "Stop the Clash of Civilizations"

You know, the same clash of civilizations we righty bloggers are always agitating for by, say, giving a platform to people like Zuhdi Jasser.

Three different people sent me the link to this today and I couldn’t figure out why, given that it was posted at YouTube in early March. It’s perfectly typical “progressive” fare, suggesting an equivalence between beauty pageants and burqas and the attack on the World Trade Center and U.S. bombing of Baathist installations at the start of the Iraq war. There are plaintive scenes of an Arab father holding his son’s hand with no mention of Palestinian child jihadis or Farfur mouse, an out-of-context Bush soundbite meant to imply that he thinks Islam and the west are at war despite his many statements to the contrary, and an impressive graphic about 65% of Egyptians wanting democracy without any hint about which groups might comprise that 65%.

And of course with it ends with a call for that panacea of all Middle Eastern ills, renewed peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Like I say, a perfectly typical leftist/Islamist whitewash.

So why is everyone suddenly interested in it? Patrick Ishmael finally provides the answer: because the bien pensants at YouTube made it one of their front-page featured videos today. Naturally. Follow the link to see who’s responsible for this turd.

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David Strom 12:31 PM on December 07, 2022