Rosie whines about Elisabeth, hints that she's left "The View"

Oh, the pathos.

Rosie, Please remove yourself from all that makes u unhappy. U deserve better. I am just sick about what has happened. U can fix it. Move on, Surround urself w/ good. U r important and LOVEDknowthat.


Dear Ro..Wow what a hot topic segment today.Was stunned the way EH was going at u. U have said she is ur friend-.I would not want a friend like her.
I could hear in your voice the pain u feel PEACE2U

shock mostly

I like that some of her fans use the “you = u” abbreviation, too, for extra commiseration value. Later:

Watch. Stunned. wow cubed.
I would walk.
work isn’t worth that battle


Rosie! Will you be back on The View? When?

no idea

Your hurt feelings by EH are an example of your geniuneness and why I applaud your decision to leave. The fight today was painful for anyone who cares about you. Please walk away. It’s not worth it.

well u know
when its time 2 go

Lots more at the link, including the long-awaited revelation about who the terrorists are. Try to square this circle:

i totally agree with your assesment of the troops in Iraq. terrorism is using voilence to acheive a political end…is war not voilent? are we not using it to acheive a political end?

desmond – yes

Honestly, who is the coward when are you afraid to answer your own question? WHO ARE THE TERRORISTS? You said it. Take responsibility for your actions.

the cowards who sent r troops to this war

those men r the terrorists

So the troops aren’t terrorists because … they’re only following orders? “Wow cubed.”

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022