Nutroots aghast at possibility that conditions might be improving in Anbar

InstaGlenn’s post doesn’t quite capture all of the nuance of this little blog tiff they’re having with Joe Klein, which is actually just the latest skirmish in their ongoing war on big-media lefties like him and David Broder who dare to criticize liberals occasionally. (Google “Joe Klein” and “bloggers” and you’ll see what I mean.) Nor does he note the contempt towards Gen. Petraeus that drips from Rick Ellison McEllensburg’s screed, although he does drily mention in passing Ellison’s sneering reference to “shiny uniforms.”

But it’s worth clicking for the snark:

You know, if I didn’t know better I’d think that some of the lefty bloggers would actually be happier if things were going badly.

Yeah, me too. Good thing we know better. Klein’s piece is actually a basic restatement of events that have been reported for months now by the New York Times, the LA Times, CNN, the Associated Press, USA Today, various embedded bloggers, and numerous other outlets, not all of whom rely on those shady “senior officials” Ellison’s wringing his hands over. To take the most recent example, from an LAT piece a few days ago about Marines in Anbar volunteering to extend their tours:

The Two-Five, whose motto, “Retreat, Hell,” stems from the World War I battle at Belleau Wood, has drawn one of the tougher assignments in what remains the toughest city in sprawling Al Anbar province. Phone service is spotty, sewage runs in many streets, and any sign of local government is minimal.

But Marines say that residents, encouraged by tribal sheiks and imams, have turned against the extremists and, among other things, are pointing out the location of hidden roadside bombs.

“The last time, it was like the people didn’t want to do anything to help their neighborhoods,” [Marine Cpl. Saul] Mellado said. “Now it’s a big change. I want to be here to help with that, to help my Marines.”

Another paid stooge of BushCo, I guess. What’s funny is that I remember Eric Boehlert tut-tutting righty bloggers back at the time of the Jamil Hussein story about not being able to accept the reality in Iraq as reported by the mainstream media. In fact, the opposite has always been true: any good news, however small and no matter what its mainstream media pedigree, is received by the left with hostility and summarily adjudged discredited. That’s especially true in this case because Anbar was written off by military insiders last fall as lost to Al Qaeda, so to see hope revive in an area that was supposed to serve as Exhibit A in the left’s case for withdrawal is an especially bitter pill for them to swallow. For most of America, of course, it’s good news.

God help us if Roggio is right about an “awakening” forming in Diyala now, too. That might create some real momentum, which will mean a snideness in Ellensburg’s Internet droppings heretofore unknown.

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