Good news: Paramount talking with director about "An Inconvenient Truth 2"

At this rate, in a few years high-school curricula will consist entirely of Al Gore movies.

Yes folks, An Inconvenient Truth Part 2 is on the way. It doesn’t mention whether former presidential candidate (and, many would argue, rightful winner) Al Gore will be involved again, but I would imagine he’d have to be. According to the Truth’s director, Davis Guggenheim, “I’m meeting with Paramount next week to talk about a sequel to Inconvenient Truth. Too early to talk about details.” Considering the extremely low-key nature of the original, it was churned out in a mere five months, and that quick turnaround could mean we’ll see the sequel in time for the 2008 presidential election.

Wasn’t the first one about the apocalyptic consequences if man continues to pursue the folly of driving SUVs? What’s left for the sequel, some sort of Mad Max scenario where the Goracle battles mutants weaned on genetically modified food?

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