Video: Nuclear war erupts on "The View"; Update: Tomorrow will be "a little awkward," says Elisabeth

With Rosie on her way out I guess there’s no reason for them to pretend they’re friends anymore. Here she is at her disingenuous worst, playing the “big, fat, lesbian” victim while deliberately twisting Hasselbeck’s point about the enemy in Iraq — namely, Al Qaeda — to accuse her of treating Iraqi civilians as the enemy. Or is it deliberate? The more I watch, the more I think she simply doesn’t know that Al Qaeda has a presence there. Hasselbeck should ask her at some point to describe the conflict right now as she understands it. Does she think we’re still fighting the Iraqi army, or just randomly attacking bands of civilians? That would go a long way towards explaining why she blames Bush for having killed 655,000 people while of course stridently insisting that she doesn’t think U.S. troops are terrorists — even though they’re the ones who are presumably guilty of doing the actual killing.

Hasselbeck challenges her on that point too, asking how can she say American soldiers aren’t terrorists when they’re the ones supposedly carrying out the Bushitler’s orders to liquidate Iraqis en masse. Rosie’s response: ignore the question and accuse Hasselbeck of being a bad friend for not mindlessly supporting her when she was criticized on Fox. Things deteriorate quickly from there, culminating in the two of them calling each other cowards.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this on broadcast TV. Be thankful I spared you the four-minute stump speech for Al Gore delivered by Behar that preceded it.

Coming up tomorrow, the paradigm case of bad facts making bad politics: Truthermania.

Update: They’re still friends but things are bound to be a little weird tomorrow, says Hasselbeck. Rosie claims she won’t be there tomorrow as it’s Kelli’s birthday. Which I guess means Truthermania is postponed.

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