Romney, Tancredo rip ABC for running CIA/Iran expose

Easy pickings. So easy that I’m tempted to snark, “What’s next? Republican candidates against abortion?” But then we come back to Rudy. We always do.

Here’s the audio. ABC notes that the CIA and White House found out they were working on the story six days ago and said nothing, so if they blew some big secret here, the feds are being oddly quiet about it. One of our commenters suggested in this thread that it might have been leaked by a war booster who’s eager to see the nonlethal ops fail so we can bring out the big guns. That would be worse than if the peaceniks had leaked it.

Since we’re giving Mitt free press here we should also enjoy a laugh at his expense. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by way of Slate, a moment preserved for posterity at a Romney fundraiser last week:

Romney gestured to Ralph Reed and said, “Why it’s good to see Gary Bauer here.” Romney then caught himself. “Oh, I’m a little mixed up here,” he said. But Romney still couldn’t place Reed’s face — and had to move on.

Even funnier, the author of the Slate piece, Bruce Reed, proceeds to goof on Romney for not knowing his facts with the following analogy:

[M]istaking Ralph Reed for Gary Bauer at your own fundraiser is like going to a Star Wars convention and mixing up Luke Skywalker and Joda.

Good point. Everyone knows Joda.

Update: I’m expecting a thrashing next November, but let it be noted that in a focus group of 12 Maryland voters, 10 of them named a Republican candidate when asked who would be the safest choice to lead America — and a majority said they wouldn’t vote for Hillary under any circumstances.

Update: Follow the comments on McCain’s blog.

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