Another secret revealed: CBS exposes western sabotage of Iranian nuke equipment

As was the case yesterday, it’s not much of a secret. But they’re putting it out there anyway, I guess just to make Iranian media’s job that much easier.

CBS News has learned that Iran is continuing to make progress on its expanded efforts to enrich uranium — in spite of covert efforts by U.S. and other allied intelligence agencies to actively sabotage the country’s nuclear program…

Sources in several countries involved told CBS News that the intelligence operatives involved include former Russian nuclear scientists and Iranians living abroad. Operatives have sold Iran components with flaws that are difficult to detect, making them unstable or unusable…

Senior government representatives, who spoke to CBS News on condition that neither they nor their country be identified, pointed to the case of the exploding power supplies. Installed at the pilot enrichment facility at Natanz in April 2006 as Iran was first attempting to enrich uranium, the power supplies, used to regulate voltage current, blew up, destroying 50 centrifuges…

Sources familiar with the U.S. effort against Iran tell CBS News that U.S. intelligence agencies have run several programs in recent years, employing different techniques, including modifying components in hard-to-detect ways and making subtle changes to technical documents and drawings, rendering them useless.

Clinton tried this idea too. It didn’t work out so well.

Actually, the more interesting part of the CBS piece is the second half, where they get into details of the nuclear black market Iran’s built. It may be even more sophisticated than the one run by A.Q. Khan, says expert David Albright — and that’s not the first time we’ve heard that lately. The western hub appears to be based in Frankfurt and involves “diplomats” smuggling out parts in diplomatic bags. The five Quds Force members we captured in Irbil were described as “diplomats” too, if I recall correctly.

The UN released its latest report today on Iran’s nuclear program. They’re getting closer to the bomb, they’re not answering inspectors’ questions, and naturally everyone except the United States is against taking any serious action to stop them.

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