Video: Dems jet off to paradise on taxpayer's dime for spring break

The GOP must have been guilty of this at some point, but of course they were the problem the most ethical Congress ever was swept to power to solve. Apparently the solution involves junkets to London, Brussels, Key West, the Caribbean, and of course the mandatory layover in the Virgin Islands to attend to, er, homeland security business. All at the cost of a cool 10 G’s an hour, and with nary a Republican in sight despite the rule requiring trips on military jets to be bipartisan.

Plus, think of the carbon emissions.

Nice to see CNN on the ball here, and a good thing too. If this had come from FNC, there’d be torches and pitchforks outside News Corp. headquarters.

Exit question: Was Nancy Pelosi really the right person for CNN to ask about congressmen abusing their privileges with military aircraft?

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