Pew poll of American Muslims chock full o' nuance

This one’s getting all the attention…


…but this one’s at least as interesting. Is the lesson to take away here that Muslims will even oppose war on an Islamic regime if that regime is the Taliban and it’s in response to 9/11? Or is the lesson simply that there are a lot more Muslim Democrats than Republicans, and Democrats now oppose war on the Taliban?



Well, at least we don’t have to pretend, a la the immigration debate, that the group whose votes we’re competing for is potentially willing to vote Republican or at least break 50/50. Unless, that is, the next Republican abandons Bush’s foreign policy and retains his big spendin’ ways.

Then we might have a shot:


As always, you’re well advised to scroll through the results yourself. There’s plenty of good news in there too, especially about how better assimilated Muslims here are than in Londonistan. But of course, it only goes so far, particularly with those same younger Muslims who take the more “nuanced” view on suicide bombings in the first poll screencapped above:


I’ll leave you with this one, which does in fact put them squarely within the American mainstream. Note especially the breakdown by religious commitment:


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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on December 02, 2023