Dem who voted for car cell-phone ban crashes SUV -- while reaching for cell phone

First Silky, now this. It’s Hypocrisy Tuesday!

CAROLE MIGDEN was lucky no one was seriously hurt Friday when her SUV struck another car while she was trying to answer her cell phone.

The minor accident was newsworthy because Migden is a state senator from San Francisco…

Migden’s accident is a reminder of what can happen when drivers are distracted. It also is a reminder of what will happen in July 2008. That’s when a new state law – SB 1613 – that requires drivers to stop using hand-held cell phones will take effect. Fines will start at $20 for drivers caught talking on the phone without a headset, ear bud or some other form of technology that eliminates the hands. Subsequent infractions will cost $50. Emergency calls are exempt.

It should be noted that Migden, who also represents Marin and southern Sonoma County, voted for the new law.

That may not have been the only accident she was involved in that morning, either.

I know many of you are eyeing the “SUV” part of the headline, hungry for a hypocrisy exacta here by catching a San Francisco liberal driving around in the bete noire of the environmental movement. But alas, my friends, it’s not to be:

It was a hybrid. Heart-ache.

Allahpundit Aug 03, 2021 8:01 PM ET