Senate votes for cloture on amnesty bill, 69-23

That means debate on the motion to proceed is over and debate on the bill itself can begin. Why do that when most senators haven’t even read the bill yet? Because, silly, they want to get it passed before people realize what’s in it and fully how awful it is. Like Captain Ed says, they waited 21 years to do something about illegal immigration — and now they can’t wait three weeks more? Flagrantly, arrogantly antidemocratic; in Jeff Sessions’s words, “a railroad job.”

Kennedy and McCain had been hoping to ram it through the Senate by Memorial Day but now Reid, who has his own problems with the bill, is saying that’s a bad idea and it’ll take at least until early June. In any case, note well the vote total: they missed a filibuster that would have put off the start of debate until everyone had a chance to study the bill by 18 votes. That’s a bad moon rising.

How about the House? Do we stand a better chance there? Nope — read Kaus. The left knows this is its best shot, even better than under a Democratic president in 2009 since that would require the unpleasantness that comes with taking legislative responsibility for hot button issues, and we know from the Iraq debate how much the Democrats like that. This is Pelosi’s clean-hands, blame-Bush golden chance at amnesty. It’ll be hard to resist.

Plus, just think how grateful the big cats and tortoises will be.

Update: The GOP wanted a three-week extension. Jack M. says it’s one week but doesn’t provide a source. It sounds from the Breitbart story like they’re keeping it open-ended.

Update: Here’s the roll.

Update: Jack comments below that Reid mentioned the one-week extension on the floor of the Senate.

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David Strom 3:31 PM on November 30, 2022