Good news: Iran set to introduce "Islamic bicycle" for women; Update: Iran bans coed Internet cafes

Exactly what you think it is.

Update: The paranoia’s really settling in now.

Owners of trendy internet cafes, as well as bars and restaurants popular with young Iranians have received a letter signed by national police authorities in which new measures are announced to enforce “the country’s moral health.” “Public places will not be allowed to use dark windows anymore or curtains which make it impossible to view from the outside what is going on inside,” said the letter, which states in particular that men and women must not be allowed inside internet cafes together but in separate days or schedules “to avoid unpleasant promiscuity.”

The letter does not mention when these new rules will become effective but states that “a failure to fulfil them will lead to a suspension of the licence.”

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022