Report: D.C. Dems getting more action since the election

I would have said “getting laid more” but I’m not sure what management’s policy is on using that phrase in headlines. No matter. As long as the word “balls” is fair game, there’s a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Like Andrew Jackson said, my friends — to the victors goes the nookie.

The bottom line: Romantic opportunities have increased for Democrats. For one thing, there are now more of them around Capitol Hill — all the better for socializing. And some aides and political experts have noticed that Democrats have begun to dress the part and are looking better…

As one Democratic campaign strategist remarked, “Taking back the majority certainly has its perks. With the shift in power has come a shift in social standing for once-shunned Democratic operatives. It seems everyone from lowly interns to nerdy policy wonks have a full dance card so long as they have a ‘D’ behind their name.”

The strategist added that perks aren’t limited to normal social interactions: “Not only are Dems getting more dates, they are getting better tables at restaurants and they are not waiting in line at exclusive clubs.”

They’re the alpha males now. For the time being, all we are, all we can hope to be … is wingmen. Heart-ache.

Still, hope springs eternal:

One female staffer admitted that she wasn’t interested in Democratic guys, even though they are in the majority and she shares the same political views.

“I am sooooo not into Dem guys even though I am a Dem,” the aide wrote in an e-mail. “Republican boys are generally more attractive, sharper dressers and throw better parties.”

Follow the link for reax from amateur prostitute Jessica Cutler, a.k.a. “Washingtonienne,” who sniffs at the inexpensive cars driven by Dem staffers even though (as the Hill pointedly notes) she herself is unemployed, and also from Nation editor David Corn, who names a local left-wing hottie he’s had his eye on. Hint: it ain’t KP.


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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022