Pelosi proposes, then quickly withdraws, rule change to shut out GOP minority

From Drudge bombshell to news article to sinfully delicious talking points to retreat in the span of about three hours.

Might be a new record.

Update: Politico’s noticed a trend:

Democrats are wielding a heavy hand on the House Rules Committee, committing many of the procedural sins for which they condemned Republicans during their 12 years in power.

So far this year, Democrats have frequently prevented Republicans from offering amendments, limited debate in the committee and, just last week, maneuvered around chamber rules to protect a $23 million project for Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.).

On Wednesday, Democrats suggested changing the House rules to limit the minority’s right to offer motions to recommit bills back to committee — violating a protection that has been in place since 1822.

Much of this heavy-handedness is standard procedure in the House, where the majority has every right to dominate, but it contradicts the many campaign promises Democratic leaders made last year to run a cleaner, more open Congress…

This perceived drift by the party in power resembles a similar drift by the Republicans after they stormed to power in 1994 as a spirited band of small-government reformers. The realities of the majority eventually forced them to play with the rules, too, and ignore many of the reforms they approved during their first months in power.

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