Video: MSNBC quotes on Falwell's political influence

Yeah, The most infamous, relentlessly anti-Bush parody site on the ‘Net.

You can imagine how it played out. Producer to intern: “We need a fawning description of him from the White House website to show how influential he was with conservatives.” Intern to producer: “Great! I’ll just google white house falwell…”

Have a look at what, in their haste, they evidently thought was an official White House webpage. Sample quote:

I was enjoying breakfast in my kitchen, righteously poring over my daily foot-high stack of mostly gay hardcore pornography so that I might issue informed denunciations to my flock. I had just paused to admire the contours of my third helping of some especially handsome kielbasa, when suddenly there was that awful parody staring at me from the pages of Hustler!

And yet, when they realized what they’d done, they couldn’t admit their mistake. Watch what the anchor says at the end to “clarify” the earlier report. There’s no admission that they were fooled; on the contrary, she implies that they meant to quote and merely didn’t want to leave viewers with the impression that it’s the official White House site.

Needless to say, she also doesn’t mention that the site is viciously anti-Bush. (Although Matthews, to his credit, does.)

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