Newsweek: Does Bush's belief in victory prove that he's mental?

Weren’t we reminded again just this morning by one of the left’s leading lights how irresponsible it is to make diagnoses from afar?

Two things to note: one, the obligatory nod at Bush’s alcoholism and, by extension, the left’s favorite remote diagnosis; and two, her acceptance as observable fact that the war is lost and therefore any desire to persevere indicates a mental disorder. He is, quite literally in her opinion, non-reality-based. In which case, we may have a public health crisis on our hands:



[W]hile it’s always risky to psychoanalyze a politician from afar, a few things in his past are consistent with the capacity for denial. When he was 7, his baby sister died of leukemia. Bush, while certainly not denying her death, tried to cheer up his grieving mother, saying everything would be OK.

Exit question: Isn’t that also “consistent” with being a thoughtful son?

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