Breaking: Jerry Falwell in "gravely serious" condition after being found unconscious; Update: Falwell dies, says AP; Update: Falwell's in hell, says Phelps

Just across on Fox. No details yet, but the death wishes should be flowing like wine soon on nutroots blogs. Keep an eye out, and stand by.

Update: He’s at the hospital in Lynchburg, unconscious and, according to one source, being given CPR.

Update: They’re getting warmed up at DU. Here’s a particularly nice image. Meanwhile, the Kossacks debate just how much like Hitler Falwell really is and beg each another not to descend to the level of “the wingers,” death wishes apparently being a hallmark of the right-wing blogosphere in KloudKuckooland.

Update: According to Fox News, the AP is reporting that Falwell has died. I wonder how the candidates will deal with this at the debate tonight.

Update: The Kossack comments are getting nice and hot now. And here’s your quote of the day at DU. They’ve actually closed that thread and opened another one, where they’re already going full steam.

Anyone following HuffPo? I’m heading over now.

Update: Comments appear to be closed.

Update: McClatchy has already posted an impressively detailed obit.

Update: Weasel Zippers is keeping tabs on Think Progress, where they’re drinking the wine straight from the cask.

Update: Ben Smith snarks, “And so this evening’s question is how glowingly John McCain will describe his former antagonist.”

Update: Early condolences from Pat Robertson, Mitt, McCain, and — Al Sharpton.

Update: A little sunshine from one of John Edwards’s favorite bloggers.

Update: Bob Owens is doing a little lefty round-up himself.

Update: This has got to be apocryphal. Doesn’t it?

The reaction from the reporters? Grins and chuckles mostly. One grizzled veteran journalist said, “I hope they (CNN) remember all the horrible things he said.”

Another reporter simply said, “It is a good day.”

Update: No tears at TMZ.

Update: Poor Jerry. All that gay-bashing and he still couldn’t earn Fred Phelps’s respect. Meanwhile, in Frisco’s Castro district, gay activists are planning an “anti-memorial.” Attendees are asked to bring Tinky Winky dolls.

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022