AP, Gallup: Congress's approval rating as bad as, or worse than, Bush's

Gallup’s got Congress down four points from last month to 29% while Bush is holding steady at 33%; AP has them all even at 35%. Proof that Americans are unhappy with the Democrats’ push for withdrawal? Maybe not. From Gallup:



They’re down across the board, but the sharpest decline is among Democrats themselves. Why would that be? Well, here are two more results from recent polls, the first CNN/Gallup and the second USA Today/Opinion Research:



The right is disgusted with Congress for trying to surrender but it may be the left is equally disgusted with them for not trying to surrender fast enough. If you’re getting it from both sides like that, it stands to reason your approval’s going to drop. They also got outmaneuvered on the veto battle, as this question from the earlier CNN/Gallup poll indicates:


The veto came on May 1st, after the last poll on approval ratings was taken but and before this one was, so you’re surely seeing some of the fallout here of the Dems’ refusal to fund the troops. It’ll be interesting to see what the next poll looks like if Bush goes ahead with his threat to veto the new bill, too. I fear a boomerang.


Finally, it’s worth noting that the highest approval rating Congress has had in the last few years was only 44%, according to the AP-Ipsos crosstabs. The president’s numbers will move with his reaction to world events, but with both parties present in Congress and forced to compromise, it’s hard to please anyone. If Congress is in the low 40s, it’s doing passably well; if the president’s in the low 40s, eh.

Exit question: Should this worry Pelosi, notwithstanding the fact that her own approval rating is in the mid-40s?

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on December 02, 2023