Transcript: Fred's speech to the Council for National Policy

The CNP is a secretive roster of conservative (especially socially conservative) illuminati so it’s significant that they’ve summoned Fred! to come and be heard now. Sounds like a benediction for his candidacy, although if you believe Hotline, the overture came off a little flat:

1. Thompson got a standing ovation when we entered. 2. His speech started on judges and pivoted to Scooter Libby. No one understood why he was talking about Libby. 3. People seemed to like him because they felt like they had to. However, Thompson’s presence empowered people to bad-talk Romney, McCain, and others, in a way that they hadn’t done in previous CNP meetings. 4. People also recognized that he is not perfect for them. They recogized that it is awkward, even in context.

NRO has the transcript. It’s a nice cut of red meat, starting with the requisite reminder per Thomas Jefferson that you can thank the Creator for those inalienable rights of yours. I see the point made by Hotline’s tipster, though — the Libby and Roberts stuff is fine, but seems a bit “small potatoes” for a conservative coronation, which is what this could have been. I’m starting to wonder if people aren’t more in love with the idea of Fred! than the real thing. Maybe that’s why he’s biding his time, to give the myth time to build so that when he does come in the nomination is a foregone conclusion. Better be careful, though: the more it builds, the greater the risk of disappointment.

The president of NBC Entertainment told reporters today not to expect Fred back on “Law & Order” next season. Make of it what you will.