Susan Estrich horrified by HuffPo comments about Tony Snow's cancer

And, equally righteously, about racists slurring Barack Obama in the comments at Like KP, she’s a left-wing Fox News contributor, and thus also like KP she comes in regularly for abuse from the “real” Democrats among us. (In fact, this isn’t the first time she’s tangled with HuffPo.) Here’s her disconnect, in a nice smooth nutshell:

These are not people who know Tony, or have personally been harmed by him in any way. But they wish him the worst; they take pleasure in his battle; they make ugly jokes about his condition. This is a husband and father who is fighting a scary illness, doing it with grace and dignity, changing people’s minds about living with cancer … and one after another of the messages is from someone who wishes him the worst because their hate is so deep.

I come from the school of politics that says ultimately, we’re all on the same team, that you fight as hard as you can all day, but after the day ends, you drink together, or eat together, or party together. Whatever it is that you do, you do it with people on the other side, as well. It’s a disagreement, not a war. We’re partisans, not enemies. I don’t call this the “old” school but the better one.

The blog commentators represent the other extreme.

We’re really not all on the same team anymore, though, are we?

Exit question: Who’ll be first to formally declare herself an independent, Estrich or you know who?


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Jazz Shaw 12:01 PM on November 30, 2022