Rahm Emanuel to reporter: "Why don't you go f*** yourself?"

What deeply personal subject did the reporter broach to warrant such a stern upbraiding?

Lobby reform, naturally:

Before a Democratic caucus meeting, a Politico reporter asked House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois about the language of the bill’s main provisions. After Emanuel demurred on the specifics, this reporter asked — in the effort for openness and disclosure — if a journalist could sit in to hear debate on the language.

“Why don’t you go f— yourself?” Emanuel replied, as he entered a men’s room in the Capitol basement.


Exit question: How will the nutroots distinguish this from Cheney’s similar remark to Pat Leahy?

(a) By youth. Rahm’s a sprightly 47, Cheney a wizened 66. We can forgive the former the excesses of youthful immaturity, but an adult really should know better.
(b) By stature. No one cares what a congressman says, even if he is one of his party’s leading spokesmen and the architect of their recent national election victory. Whereas the vice president is a moral example to us all.
(c) By the target’s stature. Greeting some no-name reporter’s question about ethics with the F-bomb is perfectly understandable, but dropping it on Senator Pat Leahy? Disgraceful!
(d) By temperament. Oh, that’s just Rahm. You know Rahm.
(e) By completely ignoring it.

Update: Enrique comments, “If telling a journalist to go f*** him/herself is wrong, then I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT!” Also, don’t forget that the nutroots actually hate Rahm for his centrist tendenices and the fact that he’s gotten the credit they think they deserve for the Democrats’ win. New exit question, then: Is this actually a point in Rahm’s favor? Viva Rahm?


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