Diggbats give thumbs up to assassinating Cheney

The comment featured on the frontpage actually has a net of -2 at the moment, which means there are exactly two more people who rated it thumbs down than thumbs up.

Not this one, though:


It’s actually up to +26 since I screencapped it, notwithstanding the efforts of some of the saner Diggers to talk the rest into contenting themselves with impeachment.

The whole thread is simply a delight; thanks to Mike H. for tipping us. Click.

Update: Polipundit has a new podcast up with Bernie Goldberg. Listen to what he says at 23:45 about his friend “Robert.” Exit question one: What would the thumbs up be at Digg for threats if they weren’t illegal? Exit question two: Is assassination the next stage in the ongoing Trutherfication of the left?

Update: Here’s a new one spotted by reader Casey B. Looks like they’re just getting warmed up.


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David Strom 12:31 PM on December 07, 2022