Video: Nazanin Afshin-Jam on child executions and shari'a in Iran

She’s almost too good to be true, as her bio on will attest. Her issues with the regime are obviously personal and longstanding, her father having been tortured by the Revolutionary Guard, but the cause she’s chosen to champion is Iranian minors on death row. She raised enough of a ruckus on behalf of a female inmate to win her release in January; the girl had been awaiting execution for the crime of stabbing men who were trying to rape her.

She and O’R segue into a brief discussion of the joys of shari’a before settling on the pros and cons of bombing Iran. Her position may surprise you.

As an appetizer, here’s recent video of what’s alleged to be Iranian morals police kicking a woman into a police car for not wearing her hijab.

Afshin-Jam’s a former Miss World Canada, by the way, and it’s not hard to see why. Good lord.

Update: Gateway Pundit’s got the clip of Afshin-Jam’s first music video, for a song about Iran’s youth.

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