Shocka: Hillary embellishes her background to liven up stump speech

So tiresome, and even counterproductive in that it ends up reminding people how apparently uncomfortable she is with her actual background. Geraghty rattles off a few past examples but neglects to mention her Yankees/Cubs straddle, the incredible disappearing southern accent, or even the ever evolving surname, which began in Arkansas as “Rodham,” then became “Rodham Clinton,” and now appears to have settled on “Clinton” or no surname at all. You’re an upper-class, highly educated feminist from the midwest, Hillary. Own it.

Update: For once, it’s hard to disagree with the nutroots:

Instead of being embraced by liberal blogs as the first serious woman presidential contender, Clinton has been labeled an “opportunist,” the candidate more interested in getting elected than in standing on principle. “Her model of doing politics is based on pandering to individual groups,” said MyDD’s Matt Stoller…

“To most bloggers, authenticity is an important criterion. There is an allergic reaction to hypercautious politicians,” The Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington wrote in an e-mail. “Hillary Clinton’s problem with the blogosphere is that she has been so calculating that you can smell it. Every thought has been processed through multiple channels in her and her consultants’ brains. It’s so fabricated.”

Of course, some groups think she hasn’t pandered enough.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022