Hamas 1, human decency 0: "Resistance Mickey" show airs as scheduled

The score’s more lopsided than that, of course, but I try to keep these headlines tidy.

Agence France Presse has coined the perfect name for this beloved symbol of wonderment and genocide. Here’s a taste of today’s “resistance”:

The station’s manager, Hazem al-Sharawi, said the show has an educational message and will not be canceled…

On Friday, the lead character said he cheated in his exams because “the Jews destroyed my house,” and he lost his books under the rubble. Children called in telling him his behavior was un-Islamic.

Also during the show, the adult presenter and the station manager, al-Sharawi, told viewers that once Islam rules, its message of “good and peace” will also rule.

“We don’t incite. We present facts. We can’t cut off our children from the reality they live everyday,” said al-Sharawi. He said he repeated the words love and peace six times during the show.

Per my last post on this topic, Hazem al-Sharawi is better known as “Uncle Hazim” to the children he’s zombifying. Follow the link to LGF for a fuller transcript of today’s show in the update. Exit question one: If Hamas is a local “resistance” movement, unconcerned with and unattached to any broader jihadist movement, what’s up with the references to Baghdad and “al-Andalus”? Exit question two: How darkly ironic is this comment in context?

A more modern-minded member of the Palestinian parliament said the protesters wanted to take Palestinians “back to the dark ages.”

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