Overfed socialist being investigated by feds for breaking Cuba embargo

Which was surely one of the reasons he broke it in the first place, to drum up publicity for his new film with chill winds and dissent-crushing and a government that’s afraid of its people finding out the truth. That last point plays particularly well these days with the left’s rank and file, needless to say.


He’s working for the common good, so he gets to ignore policies he doesn’t like.

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control notified Moore in a letter dated May 2 that it was conducting a civil investigation for possible violations of the U.S. trade embargo restricting travel to Cuba. A copy of the letter was obtained Tuesday by the AP.

“This office has no record that a specific license was issued authorizing you to engage in travel-related transactions involving Cuba,” Dale Thompson, OFAC chief of general investigations and field operations, wrote in the letter to Moore.

Here’s my favorite part. No Truther worth his salt could fail to appreciate the sublime, calculated paranoia of this:

After receiving the letter, Moore arranged to place a copy of the film in a “safe house” outside the country to protect it from government interference, said the person working on the release of the film.

His completely predictable response is already posted at his website. Exit question: When exactly did “common good” come to mean “a percentage of the box office”?

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