Audio: Glenn and Helen talk Internet advertising with David Verklin

Some of you might not care about the Internet ad biz, but let me assure you, we do. Dearly.

The good news comes at 27:40, where Verklin, CEO of the world’s largest independent media buying company, pronounces the future of blog ads rosy and goes on to predict a coming “golden age of advertising,” thanks mainly to new technologies that tailor media to the individual user.

What he doesn’t say is when he expects the golden age to begin or whether the blog ads revenue will be sweet enough to support, oh, say, two full-time salaries plus an additional part-time salary. Ahem.

Let’s hope, really hope, he’s right. Follow the links at InstaGlenn’s for the Flash version of the podcast or the mp3 download, which I always prefer for easier skipping around.

Update: At the very least, we’ll always have banner ads. Science!

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