Zawahiri calls Colin Powell and Condi Rice "house slaves"

Of all the liberal tropes he’s coopted, this is my favorite. Perfectly disgusting, perfectly hypocritical given Wahhabists’ own highly nuanced views of slavery, and perfectly typical of the far-left cretins and fellow travelers who revel in aiming this sort of racist invective at minority conservatives. All that’s missing is the minstrel-face photoshop and snarling reference to Clarence “Uncle” Thomas. And to think, I wasn’t going to link Captain Ed’s post this morning about the alleged leftist/Islamist convergence. I’m linking it now.

Transcript via Laura Mansfield. If you hear an echo of Muhammad Ali’s famous remark about no VC ever having dropped the N-bomb on him, it’s no coincidence:

I am hurt when I find a black American fighting the Muslims under the American flag. Why is he fighting us when the racist Crusader regime in America is persecuting him like it persecutes us, and oppressing him like it oppresses us? And perhaps his slave ancestors whom America kidnapped from Africa were Muslims like us. The racist American Crusader regime is using him and the other weak and oppressed to die so that the criminals in the White House can amass their fortunes and add to their millions, whereas he receives scraps after his blood is spilled or he comes out of the war a cripple.

Al-Hajj Malik al-Shabaaz [a.k.a. Malcolm X. — ed.] (Allah have mercy on him) says,

“This is our investment, this is our contribution: our blood. Not only did we give of our free labor, we gave of our blood. Every time we had a call to arms, we were the first ones in uniform. We’ve died on every battlefield the white man has. We have made a greater sacrifice than anyone who’s standing up in America today. We have made a greater contribution, and have collected less.”

And I hope no one replies to me by saying that blacks in America have been delivered from its tyranny because there are the likes of Colin Powell – the liar of the Security Council – and Condoleeza Rice in power. They are the ones who Malik al-Shabaaz (may Allah have mercy on him) described as house slaves, when he talked about the house slaves and the field slaves…

That’s why I want blacks in America, people of color, American Indians, Hispanics, and all the weak and oppressed in North and South America, in Africa and Asia, and all over the world, to know that when we wage Jihad in Allah’s path, we aren’t waging Jihad to lift oppression from the Muslims only, we are waging Jihad to lift oppression from all of mankind, because Allah has ordered us never to accept oppression, whatever it may be.

You have nothing to lose but your chains. Go read this old post of MM’s to remind yourself what Jonathan Briley, otherwise known as the Falling Man, lost.

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