Video: Bill Richardson's job interview

Flags and trumpets are too generic for a second-tier candidate, so he’s playing it light to showcase his one advantage over the big three. Of course, he’s actually interviewing for the bottom half of the ticket, not the top; the question is who’ll be sitting on the other side of the desk when the time comes to pick a veep. As an experienced pol from the southwest, he’d be a nice complement to either Hillary, Obama, or Edwards, although the fact that he’s Latino might make the Dems nervous about pairing him up with Barry O. Which brings up an interesting question: If Obama’s the nominee and Richardson’s not his veep, who is? Edwards has already been there and done that and Hillary won’t stand for less than number one, which means the left might find itself suddenly shorthanded.

Obama/Hagel fusion ’08?

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David Strom 12:31 PM on December 07, 2022